Excellence of Dar el-Iman Foundation Integrated Islamic School


  • Guided by alumni teachers of the best campuses in and out of the country, such as Al-Azhar Cairo, Darul Hadith Ma'rib Yaman, LIPIA, STDI Imam Syafi'i Jember, STAI Sunnah Medan, STAIPIQ Padang, ITB, UIN Imam Bonjol.
  • – Islamic boarding school curriculum bermanhaj salafus shalih integrated in the daily life of students.
  • – DEI Water, has its own drinking water depot.
  • – DEI Mart paid cafeteria minimarket.
  • Clinic/UKS.
  • – Outdoor sports court: basketball court, futsal court, badminton court, archery court.
  • – Extracurricular Karate with professional and experienced educators.
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